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Cognitive Consultants International

We are the Rockford Center for Treatment Cognitive Problems and Brain Disorders based in the beautiful and idyllic state of Illinois. We have an active and focused program when it comes to treating cognitive problems and brain disorders.

There are so many disorders that can be harmful in a day to day life. We treat disorders like anxiety, depression, dementia, and many other problems. Our people treat everyone with kindness, respect, and compassion. This is important to make patients feel comfortable and listened to.

There are many benefits when it comes to therapy, both short and long term. There is much research that backs this up, and that is why cognitive therapy is used so far and wide as a treatment for cognitive problems.

For us, the patient is above everything else. That means both their mental and physical state.

Our therapists follow proven therapy and psychotherapy methods to treat those who need it.

Cognitive therapy is a wonderful treatment for so many problems from anxiety, depression, to eating disorders and other mental issues. Cognitive therapy is used in tandem with medication for many diseases to find the best results.

We know that the decision to get help is the hardest of all because admitting you have a problem can be so impossible. But once you have taken that step, we are here to help you the rest of the way so know that you are no longer alone in your journey.

It is up to us together to find solutions for your problems. Improvements need to happen as soon as they can which is why we push hard to make it work for everyone.

Give us a call today to see if we are right for you. There is no chance that you will regret it so come on and take a chance on us.

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