Anger Management: Tame Your Temper Today

Anger Management: Tame Your Temper Today

Everyone has felt anger at one point or another it is a common emotion and nothing to be ashamed of. The problem is when that anger boils over to a ridiculous level, and one cannot control it.

Alone, anger is natural and healthy, but it is possible for it to turn destructive. It can cause problems everywhere from work to home and everything in-between. This can make your life feel out of control and awful.

What Is Anger?

Anger is categorized as “an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage.”  It can cause changes in blood pressure and mental state and affect your body.

Anger is caused by both forces in your mind and experiences outside of it. You can be angry with a person, a situation, an event, or your own problems in your head. Even memories can make you mad.

Expressing Anger

We have a natural way of expressing anger, and that is by being aggressive. That is important because it has helped us over time defend ourselves and others. Of course, in many situations, that type of response is not ideal at all. If you lash out at things that annoy you casually that can be dangerous and upsetting for many.

It is important to express anger rationally and at appropriate times to the right people. It is important to recognize what is natural and normal anger and what is excessive and dangerous to others.

Being annoyed that a car cut you off is normal, but being angry to the point of screaming and yelling is not normal. If your kid refuses to eat their vegetables, you don’t need to chuck the food at the ceiling, just calm down and focus. Having anger that you cannot control may wreck your life, so let’s talk about some ways to manage it.

Think Before You Speak

The old casual saying is a classic because it is true. It’s too easy to say something upsetting in the heat of the moment. Calm down, breathe, and don’t talk until you’ve thought it over a few times. Sure, those insults sound great, but they could really do damage.

Once You’re Calm, Express Your Anger

Once you can think clearly and your brain is free of that angry fog then feel free to talk. It is possible to express anger by saying so instead of actions. Just say you are mad in a calm manner and express why that is so. That way you’re not hurting or controlling others with your outbursts.

Get Exercise

If you have a lot of stress in your life that can manifest as anger. Physical activity is a great way to burn off steam in a healthy way that leaves you more able to cope with your emotions. If you feel yourself popping a gasket just go for a walk and give yourself time to decompress. It can really make all the difference.