Talking To Someone With A Cognitive Disorder

Talking To Someone With A Cognitive Disorder

Sadly many people who suffer from a cognitive disorder might actively try to hide their symptoms. This is because they are embarrassed or ashamed to admit they are cannot remember something. They might not even be able to express not remembering something.

Be sensitive to the feelings of others when talking with someone who has a cognitive disorder. Try and speak a little more slowly and use smaller words, but not in a condescending tone. This is just meant to help keep from there being confusion especially if someone has dementia.

Keeping a positive attitude while you talk to them and staying warm and caring can really make a difference in the whole conversation. This is so that they don’t feel defensive or combative if you try and correct them or argue with them.

It can be frustrating over time to talk to someone you love and care about when they are having trouble understanding you. No one enjoys repeating themselves multiple times or having to change how they communicate. Just remember that it can help your loved one and you need to stay strong and keep calm and quiet.

If you try arguing with someone who has a cognitive disorder and tell them that they are wrong it can just escalate. Try to avoid saying that even if it is true because it can cause more confusion and problems. Maybe redirect the conversation or switch to something entirely that you know they can discuss appropriately.

The cognitive disorder is what is causing the communication issue, not your loved one. They want to understand you and if they can’t that is not their problem. They deserve respect and care when being talked to because it is not their fault and they don’t deserve to be agitated.